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Research Report

2021 embedded value results: Asia

By Paul Sinnott, Heerak Basu, Michael Daly, Richard Holloway, Wing F. Wong, Chihong An, Wen Yee Lee, Stephen H. Conwill, and Shamit Gupta
09 September 2022

About the Author(s)

Paul Sinnott

Heerak Basu


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Michael Daly

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3138

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Richard Holloway


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Wing F. Wong

Chihong An

Seoul Tel: 82 2 3267 2501

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Wen Yee Lee


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Stephen H. Conwill

Tokyo Tel: 1 503 852 5588

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Shamit Gupta

New Delhi Tel: 9833031513

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