MG-ALFA wins 2012 Actuarial Software of the Year award

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Milliman’s MG-ALFA® is a financial modeling and actuarial projection system for insurance companies used for product development and pricing, financial management, risk management analysis, and regulatory compliance. MG-ALFA was selected by The Phoenix Group to design and implement a web-based solution for workflow management, version management, and access to extensive compute-power.

MG-ALFA is the first actuarial system to use cloud computing (Microsoft Azure), allowing users to leverage virtually unlimited computing resources to perform compute-intensive, mission-critical work at a small fraction of the cost of owning and operating those data processing resources.

In 2011, Milliman was recognized as the Microsoft Technical and High Performance Computing Partner of the Year for the cloud-based version of MG-ALFA developed with The Phoenix Group.

In Issue 20 of the Actuarial Post, Neil Cantle and Bruce Keenan discuss the award and innovative capabilities of MG-ALFA.

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