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Predictive analytics


Recon® will help you transform the way you think about your data.

What is Recon?

Recon is a web-based data analytics platform modernising your interaction with insurance experience data. It allows visual exploration of industry experience against your own and is a comparison tool to support assumptions in data-driven decision making.

Recon delivers two VALUES™ studies as Recon GLWB

Recon GLWB puts the Milliman VALUES GLWB studies in your hands via the Recon platform. The GLWB lapse and utilisation studies offer advanced analysis beyond typical behavioural studies, and Recon GLWB takes you further. It is a web application that provides snapshots of the industry and company-specific data for participants, shows the impact from less obvious drivers of policyholder behaviour, and validates models across the range of each predictor. It leverages predictive analytics to allow you to generate detailed predictions that vary beyond what is possible with typical studies.

Recon GLWB provides access to industry data that is refreshed frequently as new experience data becomes available, and a subscription includes an annual report on both lapse and withdrawal behaviour, with cutting-edge predictive analytics. Seriatim and raw data remain secure throughout, maintaining company anonymity.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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